Did she just say strategic plan? What does that have to do with me??

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life. ~ Greg Anderson

What will creating your life plan do for you? Just imagine…

  1. Every time you pause to read your plan you will think, “I can do this!” And then you will do it.
  2. Whenever you stop to tinker with your plan, to change or rearrange the words, you will think, “Yes, that helps. I’m getting closer to what I really want to do.” And then you will do it.
  3. When you hear someone say something that rings in your heart, you will look at your plan to make sure the essence of what they said is in there. If it isn’t, you will work to incorporate it. And then you will think, “I am grateful to them for speaking what is in my heart.” And then you will do it.
  4. When you are tempted to do something that looks attractive but does not align with your plan, you will say, “No.” And you will mean it.
  5. Every time you share it with your partner, you will become closer, more aligned and in tune with each other. And then you will both do it.
  6. As you teach others to create their own life plan, you will learn what you didn’t know about planning your life. And then you will learn it. Plus you might be surprised by what your students do.
  7. As your children grow and you teach them how to create their own life plan, you will watch them do it. And then you will marvel at what they have done and delight in their happiness. And you will think a thousand thoughts and remember a million memories and know that whatever you did was worth it.

Is it worth your time to decide what you want out of life? Take a moment to watch this video:

Steven Jobs’ 2005 Stanford U Commencement Address

Together we can create your life plan.

Aloha, Auntie Lynn


One thought on “Did she just say strategic plan? What does that have to do with me??

  1. Hi There Auntie Lynn,

    I am so glad to have found your site. In fact, our site started about the same time. I am only three months into my Life Architects site.

    Essentially, I think our goals and plans in life are our compass in life. It steers us towards where we want to go.

    I remember my navigation days in the army. My terrain is full of thick jungle. We can hardly see the sun in daylight, and at night, th cannot even see our hands when they are held in front of our faces. Under such circumstances, what did we do to reach our destination?

    We certainly cannot see it. It could be miles away. We had maps, took it out and in flash light darkness, plotted our navigation route. It was a detailed route. Bearing, distance, chcekpoints, prominent features, time to checkpoints and so on. Once that is done, what do we do? We simply followed the next compass bearing. Everytime we encountered difficulties we simply checked our bearing again. I have no idea how we reached at the end. But we did, despite the long hours in darkness and the difficulties we faced.

    Our goals and plans are our shining beacon and hope for the future, just like the compass is the life line in a navigation exercise.

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