“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao-tzu

I want my children, grandchildren and readers to know that living in the sweet spot is one of those easy/hard things to do.  You all know what I mean by ‘living in the sweet spot’  –it is when you feel confident, energized and focused.  In the zone. With the force.

Living in the sweet spot is easy because all we need to do is define the life we want and then go for it. Going for it puts us in the sweet spot.  It is really that simple.

It is not only possible but also critical to live our lives in the sweet spot for that is the way we fulfill our promise, live our potential and make our unique difference in the world. Living that way makes us happy (which is what every mother/father grandmother/father wants for their offspring.)  It is also hard because defining the life we want takes time and energy and experience (both good and bad.)

In this blog I will write about how I use my Framework4Life to help channel my energy in the direction that is right for me.  It keeps me organized and helps me understand that everything I do, however small, is another step toward achieving my life’s mission.  I think my Framework4Life will work for you, too.  You can use it anywhere.  All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen (or a keyboard and a computer/smartphone.)

I want to give you the benefit of my experience plus point you to others who have made a difference in my life because I hope it will make your life easier.  Maybe you’ll avoid some of the mistakes I made. Most likely you’ll make you own mistakes : ).  Don’t worry. That’s how we all learn what not to do which is just as valuable as discovering what we want to do.

Are you interested? If so, subscribe to my blog. Or follow me on Twitter @lynndavison. It costs nothing. You’ll gain a lot. Do it.

Aloha, Auntie Lynn


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